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Tuesday 4 August


Lord Jesus Christ, You said You are the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Let us never stray from You, who are the Way; nor distrust You who are the Truth; nor rest in any other but You, who are the Life, beyond whom there is nothing be desired, either in heaven or on earth.  We ask it for your name’s sake.  AMEN  (Erasmus)

Pray for a renewal and revelation of God that will transform your land.  Pray for the opening of eyes and the releasing of hearts, and pray for the Holy Spirit to break open the spiritual bondages by which your land has been held in darkness

The glory of God is impressive, beyond all understanding;

Glory shown in creation, and command of all history.

The glory of God is essential, sustaining all people and things;

Glory found throughout the universe, in time and space.

The glory of God is revealed, His Son has shown His face;

Glory in the empty tomb and the resurrection presence.

The glory of God is prophetic, revealing what will truly be;

Glory which defines the destiny of our fragile world.

The glory of God is a mystery, something never fully grasped;

Glory searched for, yearned for, quested throughout life.

The glory of God is in the Father, revealed in Son and Spirit

Glory, beyond our understanding, yet touchable and real.


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