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Wednesday 5 August


Save us O Lord, from the perils of giving in to temptation.  Keep us from misunderstanding what You have said to us, from twisting the truth of Your revelation, from gaining satisfaction by leading others astray, or from enjoying the fruits of our own rebellion.  Keep our souls and spirits firmly fixed on the example of Christ our Saviour who was faithful to His Father to the end of His life: AMEN

Consider your own town, city or village.  Pray that God will raise up His people where you live and give them an authentic witness to the love of God and His passion for all.  Pray that commitments to denominations and church structure will not stand in the way of people finding their unity in the mission and service of their Lord.

The politician organises and controls the world.

But Christ knows the true path of history,

and sees the sin which ruins human lives.

The economist gives advice on financial affairs.

But Christ knows the true value of everything;

and He alone reveals a future which He holds.

The entrepreneur takes chances to make wealth.

But Christ is the source of the world’s riches;

and He gives it all away with amazing love.

The celebrity aspires to conquer the world.

But Christ is imprinted on the pages of history;

and in all the world He is known by the Cross.

The impact of ‘great’ people we read of each day,

Is set against the only true measure of fame;

and the supreme saving work of Christ for all.


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