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Monday 27 July


It is amazing to think that when we pray, God gives us personal time. He wants us to share our thoughts and feelings with Him, and asks us to listen to His Word.

As you come to your Lord in prayer today, speak to Him knowing He is indeed listening to your every word, and praise Him.  Then, if you want to hear what He is saying, giving some time to listening!

O Lord, my Creator and Redeemer, You know the state of my heart, my complex feelings, the joys I can hardly express and the deeper troubles of my soul. You are the only light for my darkness, so I submit, I confess my sins and especially my inner sins and I resign my wandering will to You and Your purposes!  So touch me now I pray; reach out and draw me into Your arms; cover my aching heart with Your grace and surprise me with the joy of Your presence!  AMEN


Have you known what it is like to be filled with love -

And in a moment, realise this love is God Himself?

Then, know this love breaks open all life’s boundaries

And leads us on to infinite possibilities?

Have you known what it is like to receive joy -

And in a moment, feel a wondrous bliss within your heart

Which sends emotion leaping up in gleeful celebration

Of the great eternal ‘Yes’ of God?

Have you known what it is like to relax in peace -

And in a moment, know God passes understanding,

Yes, His warmth envelops you, and tinged with love

You know your destiny is secure.


May God’s renewal break out now within your life … !


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