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Wednesday 29 July


As you pray today, try to balance your prayers for yourself with prayers for other people you know and also for people around the world who are in distress.  There are too many pictures on our TV news reports of people suffering through war and displacement, and they must surely be in our prayers.  God loves each and every one.

Glorious and faithful God, You carry Your people through every manner of trouble and distress, and return repeatedly to rescue us when we are afflicted by the troubles of this world.  Save us now, we pray, especially from becoming so absorbed in our personal trials that we do not see the glories of Your future, of Your Kingdom and of Your ultimate Victory!  All glory be to You, wonderful and faithful God!  AMEN

Have you seen a vision?

Like Ezekiel, have you seen a picture or image

Which captures more than can be expressed in words

But explains the deeper, powerful truths of God most High?

Like Daniel, have you seen ‘the writing on the wall’

Which plainly delivers the Word of God in Judgement

And makes the future clear to those who need to know?

Like Isaiah, have you seen the future in a person,

A living being, the Messiah, whose name is Jesus …

Whose deeds make real the love of God for all?

Like Jeremiah, have you seen the future in the present,

And persisted as He did through dire personal suffering

To reveal God’s Word of Love writ large on human hearts?

Have you seen a vision?

Do not be mistaken, you may not think yourself a prophet,

But He has chosen You and seeks your obedient will

He says something unique to all, through you ...


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