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Thursday 30 July


Take time to listen to God.  Listen for His word to you within the ordinary things of life and of this day; listen to Him in the words other people speak to you; listen to Him in the music you listen to, whether the music itself or its words; listen to Him in the background noises of the wind, the traffic, or the murmur of people talking.  His Word is ever present, so today, give yourself to listening …

Defend Your people O Lord; defend them against the attacks of the evil one which shatter hopes and dreams.  Empower the fellowship of the church to be sensitive to the needs of those who are vulnerable, for whatever reason, and bless those ministries within the ‘body of Christ’ which give real and practical help to people in times of need.  We ask all this through Jesus Christ our Lord, so that working together, we may see the renewal of our world in the image of God:  AMEN

Revelation is a mystery, a gift from the Almighty, pure;

A touch of the Spirit, heartfelt, changing everything.

Some claim to receive revelations from the Lord:

Yet all they have seen is their own reflection in a mirror.

Some feel that revelation only happens to others:

And keep a distance between themselves and any mystery.

Some give the impression they have a hot line to God;

Creating scepticism in others which renders limited service.

Some believe revelations were given only in times past;

So our job now is to live by that ancient testimony; no more.

But when the Almighty Lord of All reveals Himself to you;

And touches you to make Himself known, no doubts,

Then, in a moment, revelation is no lightweight discussion;

It is real; God has spoken; heaven is open; truth is clear.

And this your revelation drives your eager spirit forward,

Christ has shown His love; He trusts you with His Word!


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