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Monday 10 August


Thank You, Holy and Almighty God, for the worship we enjoy today, free from constraint. May we continue to worship you both in fellowship with others, and privately every day of our lives.  May this be our unceasing witness to the faithfulness of our God, who loves us and who has laid down His life for us.  We worship You, Holy and Almighty God: AMEN

Read a passage of Scripture such as one of the healing miracles of Jesus in Matthew 8, and imagine in your mind what it would be like if Jesus was to do such things in our midst today.  Then pray that God’s people will indeed fulfil their destiny and indeed do such things today.  Pray that the church will overcome its bad image today by doing again the work of the Kingdom.

Breathe on us, Holy Spirit; breathe.

May we feel the rush of fresh air from You

And breathe more deeply of God today.

May we accept the unconditional love of God

Which sweeps away trouble and fear.

May we rejoice in the Spirit’s amazing power

To achieve the impossible within this world.

May we receive God’s gifts, unconditionally,

The guarantee of faith and means of ministry.

May we be comforted by the presence of Jesus,

And know the His powerful healing presence.

May we wonder at the mysteries of the Spirit

And be caught up in His greater work …

Breathe on us, Holy Spirit; breathe.


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