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Wednesday 12 August


All praise be to You, sovereign Lord of all.  Your great power has been shown in thousands of ways; save us from failing to notice You within Your world or being insensitive to Your authority.  Challenge us by Your presence, and lead us in all truth and love, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit we may be Your truest agents and servants in this sinful world.  All praise to be You, Lord Jesus Christ: AMEN

What is happening in your life today?  In truth, how does any of this relate to your faith?  The answers to these questions may or may not be obvious; your daily work may have nothing to do with your faith in Jesus, or it could have everything to do with it.  Nevertheless, ask the Lord to help you do His will in every part of your life, and let Him search out every dark place hidden from His gaze.

(a meditation based upon 1 Timothy 6:11)

Do I rise to the call of righteousness and peace?

Do I know what it means? Do I care to find out?

Do I build my life on ‘godliness’ and do God’s will?

Or am I too worried about what others might think?

Do I profess faith, and am I devoted to the truth?

Or am I scared of God, or struggle with doubt?

Do I show love to all, not merely those I love?

Or do I love the loveless, just as Jesus did?

Do I have faith which can endure the testing?

Or do I ignore truth, and shy away from the Kingdom?

Do I take care to be a bold in the things of God?

Or do I hold back from being used by my Lord?

Do I ‘fight the good fight’ and follow my Lord’s example?

I pray so, Lord Jesus, help me I pray …


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