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FAMILY  -  I live in Derby (UK) with my wife Carmel, and we have been blessed with four children. We both gave our lives to the Lord when we were young, so when we were married, we dedicated ourselves to serve God for the rest of our lives. Carmel is a nurse and works in the administration of the NHS and I am an ordained minister of the Methodist Church, retired on health grounds.  

ENGINEER  -  In 1974 I graduated from Imperial College in Physics, and then had a successful career in the design and manufacture of medical radiographic and ultrasound equipment. In 1980 I felt called to ministry and was accepted for training, where I accepted a call to missionary work.

CHAPLAIN & PHYSICS TEACHER  -  So it was that I became chaplain and physics teacher to Thekwane High School, Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, Zimbabwe’s troubles closed in, and after a year, gunmen killed our headmaster and his wife, and shot other staff; by the grace of God we escaped with our lives.

CHURCH MINISTER  -  We were sent back to the UK, where I became the Methodist minister at Highworth and Shrivenham, near Swindon, with three other village chapels. I loved working there; people came to faith and both churches grew, so much so that building work was required to serve the growing congregations!

BIBLE TEACHER  -  Much to my surprise, I was appointed Old Testament Tutor to Cliff College (Methodist Bible College) in 1993, where it was a privilege to serve at an exciting time of spiritual and academic growth. As well as teaching Old Testament and Hebrew, I also introduced the teaching of Pastoral Studies, Prayer Ministry, and Church History.

ILLNESS  -  However, I began to suffer from severe back pain and had several operations. Eventually, the base of my spine was surgically reconstructed, and I was given an internal morphine pump to take pain relief direct into my spine. I could not continue to teach and retired in 2003, only to find I had heart problems, needing a triple heart by-pass operation!


AN INTERNET MINISTRY  -  Despite these difficulties, I have always been confident that the Lord has something for me to do, and so in 2005 I set up a website to put prayers with Bible studies on-line. Since then I have written these devotions daily, but this work is currently on hold as I redesign the website in the light of recent developments.

FURTHER MINISTRY  -  In addition to this I am currently working with my local church to deliver this course, which is a new programme for teaching Christian discipleship, (Learning in Faith and Experience). This allows me to follow my passion to see theology reclaimed from institutions by the local church and everyday Christians.

HEALING  -  Throughout my life I have known God’s healing power, but have had to learn patience as well. I have been blessed by miracles of healing from time to time, yet my health has remained difficult. In truth, each day is a blessing, and I pray daily for God’s healing! The Lord gives me strength, and I give myself to His work each day of my life.

Paul Ashby