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LiFE stands for:

The vision of LiFE is of accessible Christian teaching which encourages God’s people to understand and explore their faith, embrace classic theology, and be transformed by the Holy Spirit. It is designed for people in the local church, and is neither academic in nature or run by an institution.

LiFE offers a new way of learning about God and exploring what it means to be a disciple. In the past, people have gone to Bible College for such training, but this can prove remote from the real challenges of Christian life today. LiFE is a well researched course with exciting possibilities of growth and development for everyday Christians within the local church.

LiFE is for those who are crying out for more of God, for whom ‘turning up on Sunday’ is simply not enough. It is a disciplined programme of training in practical faith which aims to develop peoples relationship with God beyond what they thought possible. It is designed to open up opportunities for the Spirit to move amongst His people in power.

LiFE looks to the future with interactive and spiritual teaching methods.  The course helps people think about God (‘theology’) using books, the Internet and other resources, and calls on each student to reflect on both their own experience of faith and that of others. LiFE reclaims theology for God’s people, for the Church, and for His glory.

LiFE is the teaching programme of Littleover Methodist Church, Derby, but can be used by any local church.

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Carmel Ashby Gareth Higgs Paul Ashby

Paul H Ashby

Course Director

Gareth Higgs

Minister of Littleover MC

Carmel M E Ashby

Course Chaplain


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