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Module 1


April 29 (intro)  May 6,13,20

June 3,10,17  July 1,8,15

Fill in the core information under the headings opposite. Please complete By 11th April 2015.

Under Supporting church leader, give the name of your minister or pastor, who must support this application. If this is not possible, give the name of another church leader. Please name a supporting friend, who will pray for you  and support you during the course. You will be asked to share your progress with your supporter.

In the statement, tell us why you are applying, as doing this will help focus your expectations. Tell us also about special requirements; e.g. mobility or learning issues such as dyslexia.

Tick the box to confirm your agreement to the following conditions:

  1. To attend all the sessions
  2. To give 1 hour per day to devotions
  3. To contribute to worship and prayer
  4. To engage with the group work
  5. To have and be able to use a laptop or tablet with ‘Word’ or an app allowing you to edit ‘Word’ documents

Please let us know if this last requirement presents you with a difficulty. We would like as many students as possible to use electronic communication and storage, and will assist you with the basics.

Lastly, date the form and click ‘submit’.  You will be asked to complete a security ‘captcha’ (read a set of letters or numbers displayed and type them in a box) before the form is sent.

When the form has been received you will then be contacted via email to confirm your place.

Application Form - DISCIPLESHIP - (summer 2015)

Module 1 - Discipleship

Module aims

This module should be taken by all who wants to start the LiFE programme. It introduces the style of learning used, and teaches the foundations of faith and the saving grace of God


Session aims



To get to know how the course works, using devotions and reflections

To become familiar with the website, student pages and resources

To worship God, and get to know the other students.


Following Christ

To study what a disciple is, and how Jesus called His disciples

To explore discipleship and the ideas of 'called', 'taught' and 'guided'

To discuss our spiritual journey and this means today



To study devotion to God as found in Scripture and in history

To discuss various devotions published in books, the internet etc.

To explore creative ideas about fitting devotions into modern lifestyles


The Bible

To learn about how the Bible came into existence as Scripture

To study how God reveals Himself and speaks through the Bible

To discuss what is meant by calling the Bible as ‘God’s Word’



To study what it means to 'love God' in the Old and New Testaments

To consider what is essential to the worship of God in our own day

To explore with each other emerging styles of worship



To study Jesus' command to 'love one another' (and similar)

To examine what 'fellowship' means in the Bible and in church today

To explore the reasons why God requires His people to love each other



To study the great Biblical command to 'love your neighbour'

To research the significance of  'service' in the Word of God

To explore what it means to try to change the world through service



To explore 'Communion' and 'Baptism' as sacraments of the church

To research baptismal practices and consider what is best for today

To share in a communion service to focus on its core meaning


Salvation 1

(sin and repentance)

To look at the Biblical words 'sin' and 'repentance' as part of salvation

To explore what sin and repentance mean to people today

To discuss how to expose the dangers of sin and help people repent


Salvation 2

(faith and grace)

To look at the words 'faith' and 'grace' and how they explain 'salvation'

To explore what 'faith' and 'grace' mean to people today

To disc how best to explain these words to people today

Next Discipleship module

LiFE is in its infancy and is being constantly reviewed. Over the coming months we hope to secure its long term future, and with this, the next Discipleship module being in the spring of 2016.   

The discipleship module is fundamental to the LiFE as it both teaches about discipleship and introduces the style of learning. We strongly recommend that people start the LiFE course with this module, but this is not an absolute requirement.  Click here to express interest: