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Module 4 - Ministry and Prayer

Module aims:

To study the related subjects of Christian healing and prayer; the module will also analyse a range of reasons why people have difficulties, so that appropriate help may be offered.


Session aims


Caring for People:

What it means to put faith into action in everyday life

To identify the unique contribution of Christian faith in helping people

To learn about different ways to help people in or outside the church

To challenge each other about our attitudes to helping others


the Problem of Evil:

The classic dilemmas in our grasp of this subject

To explore the difficulties inherent in understanding the nature of evil

The examine what the Bible says about evil, Satan and the Devil (etc.)

To discern different and appropriate ways of speaking about evil


Jesus' Ministry:

Healing, liberation and deliverance

To get to know the variety of ways Jesus exercised healing ministry

To look at wider themes of healing and deliverance within the Bible

To help each other share and value our experiences of healing and faith


Life Issues 1:

To do with work & family; also rejection & shame

To gain some perspective on the issues that trouble people

To study some of the social ills that trouble people's family life

To analyse the endemic problems of rejection and shame


Life Issues 2:

Private systems of belief and self-centredness

To explore the different belief systems people have, including Christians

To look at how private beliefs affect real life often with evil consequences

To consider the Gospel challenge to repent and be changed


Models of prayer:

Biblical and effective guidelines for prayer

To examine how God uses prayer for healing and how we use this gift

To study some of the patterns of healing prayer based on Scripture

To learn to apply spiritual principles of caring for people within prayer


Using Discernment:

A much neglected spiritual gift in need of rediscovery

To consider why the gift of discernment is not generally understood

To explore the spiritual gift of discernment and what this means for today

To look at what is written about discernment and if this fits with the Bible


Deliverance & Freedom:

What is and is not right, before God and others

To look objectively at what deliverance is, as evidenced in the Bible

To consider carefully what deliverance might mean today

To study how evil has been overcome by Christians throughout history


Words of Healing:

Hope, holiness, assurance and perfection

To explore some of the words used in the context of healing ministry

To examine why assurance and holiness are not often preached today

To consider what John Wesley meant by the term Christian perfection

Next Ministry and Prayer module

LiFE is in its infancy and is constantly reviewed. Over the next few months we hope to gain backing for its long term future, and with this, the next Ministry and Prayer module will be in the summer of 2016.   

All students taking this course must have done the initial discipleship module and are expected to be familiar with the style of learning. Apart from this there are no rules about which modules are done when; you are free to choose them as you wish.  Click here to express an interest: