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Module 5 - Faith and the World

Module aims:

To study the way in which our Christian faith impacts the scientific world in which we live and how people in the world today respond to the Gospel we present .


Session aims


Other Beliefs:

Sects, cults and other current belief systems

To gain familiarity with various belief systems commonly found today

To discuss how people's beliefs affect society and politics

To consider how the Gospel challenges people's belief systems


Other Religions 1:

Islam and Sikhism

To get to know more about how Islam is shaping world history today

To explore the beliefs of Sikhism, its history and influence

To consider how a Christian can share faith with a Muslim or Sikh


Other Religions 2:

Hinduism and Buddhism

To explore the religious systems of Hinduism and Buddhism

To investigate and discuss the world influence of these belief systems

To consider how a Christian can share faith with a Hindu or Buddhist


Modernism 1:

Forms of Atheism and agnosticism

To research and understand the meanings of atheism and agnosticism

To discuss how far these beliefs invade the church, and what this means

To study how far atheism lies at the heart of the international economy


Modernism 2:

Science, multiculturalism and post modernity

To study what 'science' means and debunk some myths about it

To look at some of the apparently competing claims of faith and science

To explore whether multiculturalism benefits social and economic growth


Church Variety:

Unity and great range of diversity in the church

To delve into the range of differing beliefs by which Christians are divided

To explore what it might realistically mean for God's people to be 'one'

To discuss the different Biblical pictures of the unity of God's people


Gospel and Mission:

The core call of God's people

To define evangelism and consider the impact of 'Matt 28:19' today

To consider how Christ may be directing His people today

To look at how the gifts and graces of Christian work together for good


World Service:

Faithfulness and motivation in service

To consider the motives lying behind Christian service, past and present

To discuss the history of Christian 'good works' within society

To explore to what extent faithfulness undergirds all forms of service


God Perspectives:

The eternal purposes and provision of God

To explore the history of God's eternal purposes and their revelation

To consider how God's eternal purposes affect what is happening today

To look at the evidence of God's provision  which empowers His people

Next Faith and the World module

LiFE is in its infancy and is constantly reviewed. Over the next few months we hope to gain backing for its long term future, and with this, the next Faith and the World module will be in the autumn of 2016.   

All students taking this course must have done the initial discipleship module and are expected to be familiar with the style of learning. Apart from this there are no rules about which modules are done when; you are free to choose them as you wish.  Click here to express an interest: