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Module 3 - The New Testament

Module aims:

To study the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in the NT, and its affect on those who first preached the Gospel, especially the evangelists Paul, Peter and John.


Session aims


Matthew 1:

Matt 1-15; the first stage of Jesus' ministry

To explore the Incarnation and the beginnings of Jesus' ministry

To study the Sermon on the Mount and its unique teachings

To look closely at the pattern of work Jesus showed in his early ministry


Matthew 2:

Matt 16-28; the second stage of Jesus' ministry

To seek a perspective on this Gospel and the place of Peter's confession

To look at Jesus' pathway to Jerusalem and his single-mindedness

To explore Jesus' arrest, arraignment, death and resurrection


Mark and Luke:

The characteristics of the different Gospels

To study the distinctive qualities of Mark's Gospel - Jesus as a Servant

To explore the unique qualities of Luke's Gospel - Jesus as a Person

To compare these with the pictures of Jesus we find in Matthew and John



The characteristics of John's story of Jesus

To understand why John is so different from the other Gospels

To study the structure of John's Gospel and look at what this means

To discuss the meaning of this Gospel from the resurrection appearances


Acts of the Apostles 1:

Acts 1-15; the early church gets going

To examine the explosion of growth by which God made the early Church

To look at the influence of Peter and his taking the Gospel to the Gentiles

To study the early stories of Paul and their impact on Acts


Acts of the Apostles 2:

Acts 15-28; the ministry of Paul takes off

To gain some perspective on the missionary journeys of Paul

To look at the theology of Paul's preaching as conveyed in Acts

To discuss why Paul felt it right to go back to Jerusalem and face death


Letters of Paul:

The key features of Paul's letters; Romans

To obtain an overview of Paul's letters, their purpose and distinctiveness

To look at the structure of Romans and its core theological arguments

To examine key texts in Romans 3,5,8 and 12 and their influence


Other letters:

Hebrews, Peter and James

To study the letter to the Hebrews and its unique message and qualities

To explore Peter's writing and the evidence of his ministry within it

To consider the significance of the letter of James, the brother of Jesus


The works of John:

The letters of John and Revelation

To look at the issues surrounding the latter writings of John in the NT

To study an analysis of the apocalyptic writing in the book of Revelation

To assess the importance of Revelation as the climax to God's Word

Next New Testament module

LiFE is in its infancy and is constantly reviewed. Over the next few months we hope to gain backing for its long term future, and with this, the next New Testament module will be in the spring of 2016.   

All students taking this course will have done the initial discipleship module and are expected to be familiar with the style of learning.  It would be best if those applying have also done the Old Testament module as well, but that is not a formal requirement.  Click here to express interest: