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Module 6 - Christian History

Module aims:

To study the broad sweep of Christian history since the time of Christ, and asses the influence this has had on world history, including science and politics


Session aims


First 300 years:

Survival through years of Roman persecution

To explore the growing life of the church in its first 300 years

To learn about some of the great people who influenced the church

To discuss the evidence for the conversion of the Emperor Constantine


Empire Church:

The establishment of the Holy Roman Empire

To trace the church's influence in the Roman Empire to its collapse

To check out the work of Church Councils which defined Christianity

To examine the growth of the papacy and its attachment to Rome


Early Missions:

St Patrick, Aidan, and other early missionaries

To look back over the history of missionary work in the British Isles

To assess the significance of St Patrick in Ireland and beyond

To study what we can know about the work of Lindisfarne missions


Dark Ages'?:

The historic gap between Catholic and Orthodox

To research the historic division between 'East' and 'West' Christians

To discuss the reasons for the formal break between the two churches

To explore the theological differences between the two church groups



Martin Luther, John Calvin, and the English Church

To look over the history of what happened to trigger the Reformation

To give an overview of the characters and events of the Reformation

To assess the significance of the effect of this on English churches



Congregationalists, Baptists & Independents

To study various Christian communities which refused to conform

To check historic claims of Baptists to go back to the early church

To explore the types of worship used in independent churches


Methodist Revival:

The Methodist Revival, what did it achieve?

To examine the life of John Wesley and why God used him for revival

To ask what happened to other churches who objected to Methodists

To look at the connection between Methodism and world missions


C19 Expansion:

Empires built on religion & money, destined to fall

To look at the C19 world changes in which Christians played a part

To study the methods of Christian missions; success and failures

To discuss the fractures within church life that affect us today


Radical change:

the many radical changes of the twentieth century

To study the rise of Pentecostalism and its affect on other churches

To assess the themes of liberalism as they have affected the church

To explore the cultural changes God has used to help grow His church

Next Christian History module

LiFE is in its infancy and is constantly reviewed. Over the next few months we hope to gain backing for its long term future, and with this, the next Christian History module will be in the summer of 2017.   

All students taking this course must have done the initial discipleship module and are expected to be familiar with the style of learning. Apart from this there are no rules about which modules are done when; you are free to choose them as you wish.  Click here to express an interest: