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Module 9 - God's Future

Module aims:

To study the scriptures and God's revelation for clues to God's future, and respond to this by doing all we can to be ready for what He requires of His people.


Session aims


End Times' - the OT:

An exploration of OT prophecies of the future

To study the way in which prophets speak of 'End Times' in the OT

To look at the close connection between End TImes, evil and war

To draw conclusions about how God's people be ready for End Times


End Times' - the NT:

An exploration of NT prophecies of the future

To study what Jesus says about End Times in the Gospels

To explore the apocalyptic writng in the NT for clues about End Times

To draw conclusions about how God's people face these issues


Wars and Change:

An assessment of the upheavals of life today

To analyse world upheavals and war as fulfilment of prophecy

To look at the influence of religion on world affairs and what this means

To enquire whether money will help or hinder the destiny of the Church



What deceptions are damaging people today?

To consider the various deceptions which rule people's lives

To explore what we might expect to see as the 'End Times' draw near

To assess the state of God's Salvation history in our own day


Fragile Planet:

Is the planet on which we live sustainable?

To explore the ecological evidence for the sustainability of our planet

To discuss the nature of the world we pass on to the next generation

To research if there is a Christian response to these issues


Politics and Faith:

Is capitalism sustainable for the future of the world?

To discuss whether to connect world politics with Biblical prophecy

To explore the connections between 'politics' 'power' and 'church'

To research solutions to the worlds ills provided by politics


Radical Church:

In the light of all this, does the church have?

To look at various ways Christians are reacting to present challenges

To ask if the church is willing to be radical, and will it survive if it is not?

To consider where God is leading the church, from a world perspective


Ready for Christ:

Christ asks us to be ready - are we really ready?

To explore ways in which we can be ready for the coming of Christ

To analyse what the Bible says about the end of the world

To look at whether the church is paying attention to these warnings


Destiny - Heaven:

If heaven is our destiny, what do we think of it?

To discuss what we mean by heaven and to check this out in the Bible

To study the promises of Jesus about our future in heaven

To consider how people should learn about their future in Christ

Next God's Future module

LiFE is in its infancy and is constantly reviewed. Over the next few months we hope to gain backing for its long term future, and with this, the next God's Future module will be in the spring of 2018.   

All students taking this course must have done the initial discipleship module and are expected to be familiar with the style of learning. Apart from this there are no rules about which modules are done when; you are free to choose them as you wish.  Click here to express an interest: