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Module 2

Old Testament

September 14,21,28

October 5,12,  November 2,9,16,23

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  1. To attend all the sessions
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Application Form - OLD TESTAMENT - (autumn 2015)

Module 2 - The Old Testament

Module aims:

To study the Old Testament as Scripture and appreciate its important both in Jesus' day and today; and show how the Old Testament helps us understand the New.


Session aims



Creation, history, and the story of Abraham

To study the many things we can know about Creation from the Bible

To consider how we can connect Genesis with archaeological 'fact'

To explore the story of Abraham and Sarah, and the Covenant


Exodus and Law:

Moses, the Law, and the nation of Israel

To explore Moses, his experience of God and leadership of Israel

To look more deeply at God's purposes in saving Israel from Egypt

To study the beginnings of Law and worship amongst the people of Israel


The Promised Land:

Joshua and Judges

To discuss Israel's performance is taking God's promised inheritance

To explore Joshua and the Judges and their role in Israel's history

To look at why Samuel had to give in to demands for a king


Kings and Kingdoms:

from Saul to David and Solomon

To learn about why Saul was an inadequate first King of Israel

To study the extraordinary story of David, a man 'after God's own heart'

To look at the building of Solomon's Temple and its significance for Israel


Failed Kingdoms:

Kings and Chronicles / Elijah & Elisha

To explore the general history of the kings of Israel and Judah

To examine the significance of Elijah, especially in confronting Ahab

To study prophetic influence in Israel through the stories of Elisha


Rise of the Prophets:

Amos, Hosea and Isaiah

To discuss the messages of Amos & Hosea for their time and for today

To explore the great works of Isaiah and his place in God's history

To look into connections between these prophets and the New Testament


The Exile and afterwards:

Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Ezra and Nehemiah

To study Jeremiah and his unique place in Old Testament prophecy

To learn about other prophets of the Exile and their influenced on Israel

To become familiar with the story of Israel's return from Exile


Other writings:

Job, Proverbs, Daniel, the Festive Scrolls

To study the range of writings kept by Israel as sacred scrolls

To explore the theology of suffering as found in the book of Job

To investigate the story, writings and visions of Daniel


Worship in Israel:

Psalms and other OT poems or worship

To learn about the changing patterns of worship in Judah and Israel

To study the Psalms, how to understand them, and their use in worship

To explore the connections between the Psalms and other Scriptures

Next Old Testament module - Autumn 2015

The first Old Testament module is scheduled for the following dates:

Mondays:   Sept 14,21,28   Oct 5,12,   Nov 2,9,16,23.

Everyone on this course will have already done the Discipleship module, and be familiar with the teaching methods; weekly sessions, daily devotions and writing reflections. Those who did the original pilot will be updated concerning changes made. Complete the form below to apply