Current News How to do LiFE Learning Style Required Commitment Modules 1 Discipleship 2 Old Testament 3 New Testament 4 Ministry and Prayer 5 Faith and the World 7 Christian Doctrine 6 Church History 8 Organising Church 9 God's Future Home Prospectus Students Vision Devotions Contact LiFE course Following the Holy Spirit      (Luke 12:12; John 3:6; 6:63; 14:7) Listening to God and others       (Matt 13:18f.;  Luke 9:44) Helping one another      (1 Tim 5:10; John 13:34) Getting to know the Father :      (Mark 12:10; Acts 8:35) Forgiving one another       (Matt. 18:21-35;  Luke 11:4f.) Learning from each other)      (Matt 11:29;  Mk 13:28 ) By copying the teaching and learning we read  about in the stories of Jesus and the disciples Being obedient       (Matt 19:17;  John 15:10)

LiFE is no casual commitment . . .

Strive to be consistent

Once you have signed up and started, keep going and share your experiences with others. The best learning happens in close fellowship with those doing the same course, because through others, we see things in different ways. Discipleship is a shared journey, not a solitary one.

Give your time to God

Give one hour each day to your devotions and reflections. This may seem onerous, but no one can learn without giving it time, and an hour is less than an academic course would require. Time is well spent when given to God, so eep close to Him and He will honour the time you give Him.

Respecting each one as an individual

LiFE gives different opportunities for learning, because people learn in different ways. However, everyone will be asked to write down what they learn in a journal. Some may find this hard, but such a record will become an valuable resource. Help will be available to all who need it.

Interface with the world

All will be encouraged to use social media to speak to friends about what they learn. We should show we are unashamed to present our faith and what we know about God to the world. God can use us when we use the possibilities of the Internet!

Your value to God

Our relationship with God is like the relationship between a parent and a child, and is reflected in how we talk to each other. For this reason, LiFE asks all students to be vocal in prayer, and if we are not used to doing this we will need to grow into it.

Your value to others

Naturally, we all observe that some talk too much in groups and others too little.  Ask yourself; how do others see you?  LiFE uses various methods to make sure everyone contributes and is valued for what they say.